Consulting Services

As a trusted leader in medical education and bioskills programming, FIVE Labs also partners with organizations in consulting projects including:

Lab Design/Build

The building of a new learning environment must begin with a strong design focused on functionality, aesthetics, sustainability and technology (FAST). Working with FIVE Labs from the very beginning will help to reduce expenses, maintain a progressive project timeline and avoid common pitfalls of building in this unique market.  FIVE Labs will also help to value engineer plans that call for costly expenditures wasting valuable capital resources. Members of the FIVE Labs team have worked with countless groups including medical associations, large and small corporations, hospitals and universities to create hands-on learning centers of excellence. Don’t start your project without talking to the experts at FIVE Labs. 

Corporate Lab Management

Working with FIVE Labs to manage a corporate lab simply allows each entity to do what they do best. FIVE Labs works as an extension of the corporate partner to find qualified individuals to work within the lab while also providing continued training and oversight for employees. Other services include development and implementation of standard operating procedures, on-site audits, required safety education as well as sharing of best practices for excellence. FIVE Labs works to identify vendors for laboratory-specific products and services including anatomical specimen providers. There are many options for ways to integrate FIVE Labs into a pre-existing facility or from the very beginning in the design/build phase. 

Association Lab Implementation

The demand for hands-on medical education experiences within medical association offerings is at an all-time high. Learners expect more than a day of didactic education and case presentations and instead are looking for the opportunity to participate in a bioskills program.  FIVE Labs has partnered with associations to complement their already successful meetings with a hands-on track allowing a more interactive approach to learning. In turn, the association benefits by increased attendance and engagement as well as potential for additional revenue or funding. This service is available throughout the US and in approved international destinations.