About Us

FIVE Labs is one of the largest bioskills network in the country with locations in Atlanta, GA, Cincinnati, OH, Las Vegas, NV, San Antonio, TX, and Tampa, FL. This network provides clients the opportunity to reach healthcare professionals in nearly every field such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, trauma, craniomaxillofacial, cardiology, urology and multiple others. The ultimate goal is to bring providers and educators together to improve the health and welfare of people across the globe.  Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals visit network locations making a significant impact on medical research, healthcare education, and training worldwide.

All locations are complete with didactic learning space as well as a hands-on bioskills lab and a dedicated dining room. This allows attendees to not only hear about the latest developments in medicine, but also to participate in realistic training programs before preforming surgical procedures for the first time and to learn new skills.  Additional information about each site can be found by visiting the Locations tab on this site.

One of the many benefits of working within the FIVE Labs Network is our turnkey event management. Our team works to understand the details of your program to ensure a successful event that can be skillfully and precisely duplicated at any of our locations. This level of customer service and attention to detail reduces the amount of stress for our clients and improves the attendee experience. 

Some of our turnkey event services include: 

Specimen Procurement

Equipment & Instrumentation Management

Facility Planning & Management

For additional information, please contact us at

844-777-LABS (5227) or  info@fivelabs.com